Thursday, 22 May 2014

Story of a Tranquil Hill Station, Kasauli

The vast Indian subcontinent stretching from sun-kissed beaches to tranquil mountains meets the vacation mood of leisure traveler and adventurer. Hills in India not only signify mall road, shopping and road side tea stalls, but also moments of silence miles away from the influx of tourists.

Kasauli, tucked away in the shadow of Shimla, is one such destination in North India whose leafy cobbled roads wind around 19th-century churches, British cemeteries, heritage hotels and cottages. The scenic beauty of Kasauli has attracted a lot of poets and writers over the years. They have penned down the picturesque hills and tall green trees to portray the beauty of Kasauli in human minds.

Beautifully nestled in the Shivalik ranges of lesser Himalayas, Kasauli offers bountiful view of the rolling hills in the vicinity of Pahari folks and unpolluted environment. If you want to do nothing apart from lying on the bed and gazing at the green mountain ranges, then drop in at Kasauli to fulfill your lazy mood. Curve roads, deep valleys, steep slopes, jumping monkeys blowing wind will gradually take you to this quietest hill station located at a very short distance from Punjab and Haryana.

Kasauli does not boast of too much sightseeing. Long walks along pine and chestnut lined roads will take you as close to nature as you want. You will get to hear the chattering of birds and whispering of winds and don’t be surprised to see clouds descending from heaven. It is here where the floating clouds will touch you and the crystal clear surrounding promises to increase the depth of field of your camera. The old cottages have been refurnished into heritage hotels to narrate the story of British rule to the visitors. A peaceful walk to the Upper Mall opens the door to Kasauli Club and beyond it is the spectacular sunset point. Stand at a height to watch the mellow sun setting down to welcome the shining moon at night.

It goes without saying that Kasauli till now preserves the memories of British Raj. One of them is the 19th-century Christ Church which lies at the heart of town and is frequented by visitors. This scenic town on the Himalayan ranges is also the home to its own brewery which manufactures Lion, the oldest beer in the country.

Sipping on hot tea and gulfing on spicy snacks adds more fun to a hill-side vacation. A lot of dhabas and restaurants in Kasauli offering vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes are strong enough to satisfy the taste buds of its visitors. As the distance between Delhi to Kasauli is not much, plan your trip to Kasauli while enjoying your vacation at Delhi. You will get the feel of calm Mother Nature who is adorned by vibrant beauty that leaves every nature lover awestruck.